BLS® provides a range of optional services that are designed to support your team, including product and lighting design, bespoke manufacturing and business case development.

With a highly qualified team of designers, BLS® provides full design services, including lighting design, photometry and bespoke luminaires for custom applications. With an ongoing commitment to research and development, and an evolving catalogue of products, you can be sure our solutions will continue to evolve and provide class leading performance reliability and innovation.

BLS® is a New Zealand based manufacturer, focussed on developing products that support a broad range of standard applications. Our design team also provides cost effective rapid prototyping and compliance certification where bespoke solutions are required. Our luminaires are designed specifically for Ecofluro® and offer outstanding value and performance.

Business Case Development
To understand the financial benefits of upgrading to an LED solution from BLS®, it is imperative to review the Total Cost of Ownership, including power and maintenance of your existing solution compared to the benefits offered by an upgrade. After working with many of New Zealand’s largest and most established businesses, we have developed a core of expertise and tools to provide a detailed analysis in support of your business case.

Finance and Funding
Upgrading to an LED solution need not be capital intensive. BLS® offers a range of financial products including lease funding, where the savings are greater than the cost of finance and the cost of lighting is kept off the balance sheet, providing a cash flow positive solution from day one.