The standard BLS product warranty is a class leading 5 years to L85.

And subject to terms and conditions where a maintenance contract is in place this can be extended to 10 years L70 for HiBay products that include dimming and DALI functions.

The warranty provided covers lumen maintenance, colour and CRI stability.  

  • Lumen Maintenance L85 to 5 years
  • Colour stability +/- 2% to 5 years
  • CRI stability +/- 2% to 5 years

This comprehensive warranty provides comfort to customers that not only will the product continue to function but that it will continue to do so in an optimal manner.

When we supply product to you we provide you with the quality assurance report that is produced when we manufacture a batch of product. This report reference is laser etched into every product and this combined with the quality assurance report becomes your warranty base-line.