EECA appoints BLS as business partner

Posted by ElectroLink Magazine on 1 November 2013

As far as traditional light sources go, T5 fluorescent is now as good as it is likely to get and so long as luminaire designers manage the ambient temperature around the tubes necessary to deliver the promised efficiencies, end-users can expect a good result.

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After 5 years, how are we doing?

Posted by on 1 November 2013

- New Zealand’s largest LED installation
- More than 12 Million LEDs supplied to market
- Class leading efficiency of up to 119 lumens per watt
- Of all products, 99.94% are operating beyond predictions
- Proven performance and an industry leading 5 year L85 Warranty

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LED goes IP65

Posted by ElectroLink Magazine on 1 May 2013

If you are looking for fittings that will light adverse environments such as cool stores, wash-down areas, freezers and open-sided car parks there is now a cost-effective LEDpowered IP65 range available.

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When colour really matters

Posted by ElectroLink Magazine on 1 March 2013

Producing enough light for people to work under is easy, but helping them work more effectively often requires using a light source that better reproduces the actual colours in the products they are working with.

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Ecofluro LED tubes

Posted by ElectroLink Magazine on 1 January 2013

From the moment LEDs looked powerful enough to be used for commercial lighting, the race has been on to develop LED ‘tubes’ to upgrade the massive installed base of aging T8 fluorescents.

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