About BLS

BLS® is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locally designed and specified LED lighting products for commercial application. Our success is built around the design and implementation of our core offering Ecofluro®, which celebrates its fifth birthday this year with an enviable track record of performance and reliability.

From its inception, Ecofluro® was designed as a highly efficient, one-for-one replacement for fluorescent tubes across a wide range of standard applications and luminaires. In 2012 we began production on a new range of luminaires, manufactured locally in New Zealand, that support and compliment the Ecofluro® product range.

We understand that return on investment, performance and eliminating maintenance is important to your business. Our products are priced competitively and provide the quality and reliability that our clients, such as Air New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and Turners & Growers have come to expect.

All products are supported by detailed independent photometry, including LM79, LM80-TM21 with IES files to support architects, lighting designers and specifiers. We offer our clients a range of optional support services including finance, lighting audits, lighting design/manufacture and business case development.

Across office, warehouse, industrial, medical and retail applications our products are proven in market to deliver a better quality of light, significant reductions in power and the elimination of unscheduled maintenance. If you are considering upgrading to an LED solution, it makes sense to consider Ecofluro®.